How is dry ice made?

Dry ice pellets are made from liquid CO2 stored in a pressurized tank. When expanding the liquid CO2 forms snow, this snow is compressed and extruded through an extruder plate giving the final dimensions of the dry ice pellets. Dry ice pellets are made by our Cryonomic dry ice production machine, also known as Pelletizer.

We offer complete dry ice production solutions including installation, commissioning and maintenance. Pelletizers come with exchangable 3mm, 10mm or 16mm extruder plates and spare part set. Hydraulic oil is packaged seperately and only dispensed in to the machine during commissioning. 

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Food-grade dry ice containers

The hygienic food-grade CRYONOMIC well isolated thermoplastic containers with a K-value of 0,29 W/m²K are designed for storage and transport of dry ice and are also suited for other products that require cooled transport. CIC-series combines the quality and hygiene of the monobloc structure in polyethylene with the use of stainless steel reinforcements. Available with wheels and on pallet options.

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